What Augmented Reality means for Oil and Gas

What Augmented Reality means for Oil and Gas

The rising technology of Augmented Reality has mostly been used on mobile platforms in the games section of your app store, at WadeFx 3-D we are taking this technology to a more functional and professional level. 

Augmented Reality is the technology that fuses the digital world to the real world it allows you to take nearly any object and surface and superimpose interactive 3-D content onto the target using the viewfinder of your smartphone or tablet.

For the exploration section Augmented Reality Harnesses the combined data of surveys you already acquire (seismic, gravitational, magnetic, electrical and electromagnetic, Topography) we can create a full three dimensional cohesive presentation of the past, current, and future process of your projects. These presentations can be created and focused toward data room presentations, marketing, investor relations, training and more; You can even carry around an augmentation on the back of your business card.

For the services section of the industry A/R can deeply explain how your new technology works from inside out allowing you peel away layers show functionality in a way like none before. 


Augmented Reality is interactive and has no limits on how your data is merged which allows you to express concepts and processes in a matter of minutes that would normally take a lot of time to explain. A/R can do what text, speech, and videos cannot not do it is the missing link of conceptual transference in a complex world.

Augmented Reality is showing it has a place in other industries other than games and entertainment; A/R can be used to the full extent of your imagination, it is the new swiss army knife of presenting.


Want to test out some Oil and Gas Augmented Reality? Download our android A/R demo app on the Play Store below. Download and print out the Augmented Marker HERE

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